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The Advantages of OPT’s Low-frequency Induction Lamp


1. Long life, low light failure
    Without filament and electrode inside the lamp, the electrodeless fluorescent lamp has the service life up to 60,000 hours or more, which is 3-15 times that of an ordinary fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamp. The use of inorganic nano-materials coated with a layer of special protection film decreases the lumen depreciation of the lamp to a large extent. Superior 60,000-hour lumen maintenance is up to 85%, making the lamp a real maintenance-free light source.
2. High luminous efficiency and high energy efficiency
    High luminous efficiency: the brightness of 150W low-frequency plasma induction electrodeless incandescent lamp with luminous efficiency of 75-90Lm / W equals to that of a 1000W or so incandescent lamp and a 250W high pressure sodium lamp, saving 90% more energy than an incandescent lamp, and nearly 50% more than a high pressure sodium lamp.
3. High power factor
    Excellent electrical performance, IP chip design, power factor> 0.98
4. No stroboscopic light, instant start
    Start time <0.5S, without preheating; no lumen depreciation or influence on electrical properties for frequent starts; luminous flux fluctuation depth of about 0, without stroboscopic light, truly protecting eyes.
5. Good color rendering performance
    Color rendering index (Ra) of more than 80, soft light color, with the spectrum relatively concentrated in the range of 490-690nm, close to natural sunlight, and correctly restoring the true colors of objects.
6. Eco-friendly light source
    The use of imported solid crystal balls prevents producing pollution to the environment, realizing over 99% of recovery rate. In accordance with the requirements of the EU ROHS Directive, it, without electromagnetic pollution, can pass the comprehensive inspection of the national EMC as well as EU CE certification, which is the real eco-friendly lighting source.
7. Wide color temperature
    A 2700K-6500K color temperature range is available for choice, and the light environment is of high quality.
8. Wide voltage and wide ambient temperature
    The voltage can be designed to work in the 85V-150V and 160V-165V range, and the ambient temperature can be started normally and work stably between -35 ℃ -55 ℃.
9. Available DC power
    Because DC power can be used, the products can serve as the supporting light source for solar lighting.
10. Low cost and maintenance free
    The improvement of luminous efficiency not only saves electricity cost but also reduces the capacity of the transformer and cable investment, thereby reducing the project cost; in addition, due to the fact that the use of low-frequency electrodeless lamp requires no replacement in at least three years, the maintenance cost is significantly reduced.

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