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The Application Case


The application case of replacing metal halide lamps with OPT plasma electrodeless fluorescent lamps

The actual measured data of the energy-saving lighting upgrading project of a workshop (8 meters high):

The annual saving of electricity is calculated as follows:
    The total number of used lamps is 60, and the lighting duration per day is 10 hours, and the electricity cost is set to be 1.00 yuan /kwh, and the annual saving of electricity each year is as follows: (319.5-153.6) / 1,000*10 *1.00 *365*60 = 36,332.10 yuan.

  Comparison Project 250W Metal Halide Electrodeless fluorescent lamp 150W plasma
01 Current 1.55A 0.75A
02 Power factor 0.92 0.99
03 Operating frequency 50Hz 250KHz
04 Surface temperature Higher than 205 degrees Below 90 degrees
05 Color <60 >80
06 Stability Flashing Flicker
07 Ground illumination (lx) 151 156
08 Actual power consumption 319.5W 153.6W
09 Life <10000Hours >80000Hours
10 First start time >120s <0.5s
11 Start-up time again >250s <0.5s

Product Comparison