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    Suzhou Oupeng Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise, is located in Suzhou National Environmental Protection Industrial Park. The company has a first-class R & D team. Our R & D center and pilot plant have successfully developed and manufactured world cutting-edge low-frequency plasma induction electrodeless fluorescent lamps with core technology and independent intellectual property rights, which is an eco-friendly lighting source characterized by high energy efficiency, good environmental protection performance, high luminous efficiency, long service life and high cost effectiveness. The products are widely used in the lighting for roads, tunnels, squares and other municipal infrastructures, and used as eco-friendly lighting for office buildings, commercial facilities, and large scaled industrial and mining enterprises. The products have passed the appraisal of national science and technology achievements, and European CE certification.
    Our company is dedicated to the exploration of new energy-efficient lighting technologies, and the research and development of new eco-friendly lighting products, enhancing our strength by concentrating on the core technologies. In the present times which sees the flourishing development and increasingly fierce competition in the electric light source industry, the company is determined to research and develop more novel eco-friendly energy-saving lighting products suitable for different kinds of places by virtue of its strong R & D capabilities, advanced manufacturing technologies and scientific operation and management. Under the current background where low carbon, energy saving and emission reduction and environmental protection are advocated worldwide, the plasma induction electrodeless fluorescent lamps produced by our company will inevitably replace the other products in the market, to become the next generation leading energy-saving lighting source of the world’s current lighting industry, and thus to make important contributions to the implementation of the basic national policy of energy conservation and the promotion of low-carbon economic development model.